Kids Update: Maggie

Since I'm basically restarting this dead-ish blog, I thought I'd do an update on each of my kiddos.
Our Maggie girl is 5! Wow! I have a 5 year old. If you follow me at all on social media, you know our Maggie girl finished leukemia treatment in November and two weeks ago she got her port out. No more 2am fevers sending her to the hospital. Maggie has been in remission since her first month in treatment. She has an excellent prognosis of 5% chance of relapse. She has monthly blood checks for the next two years with continued monitoring until she's 10.

We celebrated her 5th birthday and her no more chemo party at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek. It was a blast. Maggie had so much fun! We are so blessed to have family and friends who love our little daughter.

Maggie's latest interest is in practicing her letters. Funny, I went to the homeschool convention last summer so concerned that she wasn't picking up on and fearing I was failing her. Nope! Readiness to learn is what I learned at the convention and boy has it paid off so far. She's basically teaching herself and she's enjoying every minute. We talk every day about what day it is and time of day so we'll start working on that stuff very soon. I also plan to see if she has interest in learning sight words.

She got many Shopkins for Christmas and her birthday and that is one of her top toys. She continues to enjoy puzzles and I kid you not this girl can do 200 pieces with very little help from me. She loves all crafts and it's a personal mission of mine to not be such a group about the messes crafts make and do more with her and her brother. We play play doh and gak weekly if not more. She loves to create and mimic youtube videos she's watched.

You can see how she is learning more and understanding more the older she gets. It's fun and exciting to watch her brain work. I'm hopeful we're venturing out of this season of loss and my kids are beginning to recover by the Grace of God.

Cancer has left it's mark on our girl. She's still not potty trained assuming because she can control it and I also believe their could be some trauma there. She wakes up 4-5 times a month with neuropathy pain in her toes. Prayerfully those things will dissipate with time. She continues to have a very picky palette and I know that could just be her like a lot of 5 year old's but prior to chemo she was a very hearty eater with very little she wouldn't eat. Now it's the opposite. I've realized recently that I have done a great job of over assisting her with getting dressed and other chores. This is changing now, she changes out of her diaper into a pull-up in the morning and she is learning how to dress herself. She's doing much better at it. Well, I think that is a good update about my one and only little girl.


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