Eli's Birthday Present

Eli's birthday is 38 days away, I'm cutting this really close but just got the idea a few days ago. I'm going to do my first corner to corner blanket and I'm going to make a pixel graph blanket too. Pheww can you say over achiever? I tend to over due it but my boy is worth it and assuming it turns out he's going to love it! What do you think? Can you tell from the graph who that is?

Eli's love for Lightning McQueen has not wavered in the last year. If anything it's even more so. He sleeps with the baby quilt I made him and I'd like to make him something a little bigger and less baby themed. He doesn't care but I'd like to give him something and since mommy loves to crochet my hobby can be his blessing. If I have the math all figured out I need to do approximately 43 squares a day to finish by his birthday. I think that is doable and I will update as I get going. I intend to start tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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