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Sorry, need to rant.


I had some of this typed out on my Facebook and then realized I was going on a rant and should probably just post it here.

My heart is so deeply saddened right now. I opened my page today to find a video of a live baby having it's brains cut out! How is this even remotely possible?!?!?! Planned Parenthood, I pray the righteous anger and justice of my God to avenge you. I know God loves them too and thank God He's God because I can't even believe what people will do for money. That is a living soul. I pray that God takes those poor babies to heaven before they are able to feel any pain! It seriously just sickens me.

The second thing topping my feed is Ashley Madison. Yes it is appalling and an absolute shock that some celebrities or heck even your own friends or co-workers emails are on there but can we talk frankly? Why in the world is there even a website like this. Their moto is "life is short. have an affair." Are you stinking kidding me?!??!? My hands …