Kids Update: My Boys

Eli is exactly one month shy of 3 years old! This little boy loves life! He continues to adore Disney Cars and Lightning Mcqueen! He has about 5 Lightning Mcqueen cars and he generally has at least two in his hands and all times. He sleeps with them, bathes with them, and carries them wherever he goes. He loves to color and play with his sister. He adores being outside and while sister is the one in soccer he is the one who actually participates in it. I think we'll enroll him next fall since he'll be 3 and eligible to play.

He loves to make his own decisions and I really try as his mom to make sure that I accommodate that as much as possible since kids are so powerless otherwise. He's learning to dress himself more and more and I've put him in a pull-up along with his sister just to give me a break. I do hope eventually it will lead to potty training but I also realize he's young for that so time will tell.

He's struggled pretty significantly since Henry was born. I'm doing my best to help him with this but it's not easy. He's such a little sweetie and a total momma's boy. I'm trying to remember to embrace this because it is so fleeting and one day soon he'll walk away and lose interest in mommy. I love this little boy so much!

Henry Scottie! This little man is 8 months old! He's getting so big. He'll be 9 months in a few more days. For months hubby called him lazy because he hates tummy time, well lo and behold he's not lazy he's determined. He's been strengthening his core and this little dynamo is trying to walk. I wish he'd crawl but he's pretty determined to walk.

He's my latest teether. He still doesn't have a full tooth yet and he's almost 9 months. The other two had teethe by 6 months. Funny too, this boy loves food. He doesn't have any teeth but he gnaws on food and loves almost every food I give him. Crazy kid. He's breaking the Jacks baby mold.

For his safety and my sanity he continues to live on me in my lillebaby carrier. Maggie has good intentions but she's just too rough. I'm trying to teach her to be more's a work in progress for sure. Eli is still quite malicious toward Henry. I choose to keep teaching boundaries and gentleness and pray that eventually Eli will like him. If not, soon enough Henry will be walking and running away from him soon enough and then tackling him. I do hope they can be friends and that I can help Eli love and accept his little brother.

Only took 8.5 months but I think we're finally making progress with Henry and his fussiness. For about a week he's been sleeping better and longer. I hope for the future. I'm so blessed to be this little boys momma!


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