My Journey to Real Food

Hey! Look! A blog post when I said I would. It's a miracle! Ha!

My journey with real food started shortly before our daughters diagnosis. I was interested in it and very curious about monsanto and simply reading the back of boxes to see what the ingredients were. Once I started to learn what monsanto was and how deep they were in most major corporations and I began reading the ingredients, I was appalled at what I found.

Then our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. In no uncertain way, my life was shattered. It took me a while to pick up the pieces and realize that though I didn't cause her cancer, I wasn't helping matters with all the processed foods we were eating. Thus spurred my desire to learn more and to do better now that I understood more.

My quest led me to traditional cooking school with Wardee. I learned a ton about soaking and sprouting. I'm not sure why but I glazed over when they would talk about anti-nutrients. Truthfully, in recent months that has been more my focus. In an effort to feed my family more healthfully, I was doing more wheat products and brown rice, believing I was being healthy and though I was doing my best I was actually doing more harm because of the phytic acid.

I won't lie, with the pregnancy, Maggie's month of GI upset and a new baby. It's all gone by the wayside. People are bringing us meals and I am blessed by this occurrence. I don't have the meal plan or the time or energy to resume this month so starting in July I will be armed with my meal plans and more complete plan for my real food journey. I hope to implement milk and water kefir and grass fed gelatin. While resuming things I had begun to change, sourdough, soaking and sprouting. Stay tuned, I hope to remain accountable to this blog and also to my real food desires. Goodnight for now.


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