Geeked Out!

Hey All, 

So I guarantee you'll laugh and I don't care. I'm a nerd at heart and totally fine with it. So for the past year I have had my mom's old iphone 4 for att but we use verizon so I haven't used it as a phone just a device to use for apps and such. Well, earlier this month I decided to sell that phone and finally get a verizon iphone simply so I don't have to carry around two devices that I'm constantly leaving one or both at other peoples houses. ugh. So my ebay transaction was a success. 

However; now I needed to replace it and due to other circumstances decided to wait on purchasing another iphone. Sometime last week, my mom said she had another old iphone 4 that had a broken screen. I brought it home did some research and asked her if I could try to fix it. She said sure. Warning: fixing your own iphone can result in damage to iphone and it does void your warranty if you have one. 

I did some research and read reviews and after a few days decided to go with and bravolink. They had all in all good reviews and I thought I'd give it a try. Well today was that day. Today I replaced the screen on my mom's old iphone. Long story short I put this phone today all in all four times and I'd say now I'm quite proficient, ha! Good news, it worked! It looks great and all the features work on it. I'm totally excited, yes geek I know but I don't care! 

Finished product, looks like I have another phone to sell. BTW, I followed a youtube video and it is essentially idiot proof. Not meaning to imply anyone who reads this is an idiot but I thought I could be just such a person :). If you ever want the link or more info and how I did this feel free to contact me. Lata.


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