Reversible Fabric Bins

Okay, so as promised though back blogged, ( I have this terrible habit of planning a great blog then never actually writing it), I have been working hard on the reversible fabric bins for the nursery. Here is the story in pictures! 

First I cut all the pieces, I had made this pattern mostly myself and just made the box the size I wanted then cut the fabric accordingly. This is the pink, girl side.

Green "boy" side, I am applying interfacing at this point.

After ironing on all interfacing, I sewed all five pieces together to make the above shape, then continued to sew the sides together to make a box.

One box inside the other box.

All done, one problem though....
So as cute as this looks, it does not hold up worth a darn, I will be going to the store to find a more sturdy interfacing, will keep you updated!


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