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Hello all,

Ah, yes, I'm still alive and pregnant. My personal life has been emotionally exhausting lately and with being pregnant, nauseous and very busy with our two littles there has been little motivation to update this poor little blog.

No excuse, I love blogging I'm just absolutely terrible about being consistent. I have plans and they always fall through so I will not be making any promises this time. But I have something to blog about so here it is. 

I've quietly continued my real food journey, it has been hit or miss with being so nauseous and unable to meal plan for the past five months but my research has continued. 

In my research I have found some truths and I find myself feeling angry at the lies that are perpetuated about our food and what's done to it before we eat it. Truthfully when I make my family bread, I've started soaking the grains because I knew it was good but had no idea why. I'm baffled by the fact that grains, beans and nuts have phytic acid which blocks all those healthy nutrients from being available to our bodies. So at least now I know why I am soaking which is good but for all those years feeding my family whole wheat bread and tortillas along with brown rice and to find that a lot of the good vitamins and minerals from those "healthy" foods weren't able to be absorbed and used by our bodies. 

I know this is touchy subject but I'm beginning to believe the the raw milk debate has been a casualty of the lies generated by the FDA and others. It's so full of many nutrients we don't easily have already in our diets. Vitamin D and higher levels of CLA are the ones that come to mind at the moment. Now, I can't do raw milk, it's $10/gallon here and given Maggie's situation we can't take even the slightest chance of it hurting her. I also learned pasteurized milk has all of the nutrients so cooked off of it that when I drink it and I drink a lot especially during pregnancy, that it sucks the nutrients from my teeth and bones because the milk doesn't have it so my body compensates. Makes me wonder if that has anything to do with all my teeth problems.

Well, now that my rant is over, I have a decision to make about it, right? Right. I'm going to do what I can that is best for my family and armed with this new knowledge, I am going to passionately pursue a more traditional way of cooking and preparing food. My challenge to myself and will hopefully be shared with you few who still read my neglected blog is to traditionally prepare all dinners this month.

I have to say we're the 5th day in March and so far I've done it. This week's meal plan turned out to be: Chicken Curry with vegetables and soaked brown rice, my MIL Beef potato bake, it has one horrible ingredient but hubby HIGHLY prefers that one horrible ingredient so to honor him we had it. Meatball subs with homemade sourdough hoagie rolls and salmon cakes with sweet potato fries. I also made the kids and I some soaked oatmeal muffins and some soaked whole wheat tortillas. I also did some chicken bone broth as well. It wasn't much but it's a step in the right direction. I have found myself feeling a lot of guilt and have decided no more. I've done the best I could with the knowledge I had. Now that I have more knowledge I will be able to do better.

I have some other new and different things planned for my menu and hopefully I can stick with this personal challenge and even better share it with you. I plan to work very hard in this area of life. I hope I succeed.


The real food journey is so overwhelming! If there's one thing I've learned, it's to give myself lots of grace. If you are ever short on time, both Trader Joes and Sprouts sell traditionally made sourdough bread with only flour, salt, and water (no yeast because they use a long ferment time and a sourdough starter). Also, in our family we usually skip the brown rice and go straight for the white rice which we don't have to soak. That move alone has been very freeing for me. Apparently brown rice is not a traditional food, most traditional cultures that ate rice would remove most of the bran before cooking. We cook it in bone broth to add some more nutrients and call it good. :) Those are just some real food short cuts I've figured out over time and thought I would share. It's hard with littles and with being pregnant. I wished we lived closer because we could do a real food freezer meal party together. Oh and with the milk, when we can't afford raw (because yikes is it expensive!), we get our milk at Trader Joes. Their organic milk is pasteurized, but not ultra-pasteurized like every other organic milk option out there. It makes a big difference. And anything that is Trader Joe's brand does not contain GMOs. I realize this is starting to sound like a commercial for Trader Joes, so I will stop. Just thought I would share some real food survival tips from another momma in the trenches! :)
Momma said…
Thanks so much for the tips. I just learned about trader Joes organic milk and am trying to find a way to afford it. I didn't know they were non gmo. They may have a lot more of my business now. They aren't close to me but I'm willing to drive for healthier foods. I so wish we lived closer too. I am very grateful for your input and experience!

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