Maggie 32 Months, Eli 6 Months

Sorry to say, this is the only recent picture I have of them together. Mags and Eli at Maggie's treatment day.

Well, here we go again, I'm late, letting you all know how the kids are doing. I could be upset with myself but instead I will be glad that even though it's late it is getting done.

Eli is 6 months. He weighs 18 lbs and 4 oz. He's my little tornado as I call him. He never stops moving. If he's awake he's waving his arms and legs. He's extremely happy on the floor now that he army crawls. He can reach anything on the floor now and he's quite happy about it. I shudder at the moment he realizes he's capable of walking because he'll be off and gone I'm sure.

His favorite activities are army crawling around the floor and sitting and playing with toys. I'm truly amazed at how much of a preference he has at his young age. He knows which block is his favorite and if he can't reach it he gets upset. He's beginning to understand and be upset when mommy takes away one of sisters toys that are too mature for him. Though, I'm unable to truly exclusively nurse him because of Maggie's clinic days we nurse all day every day I am around him. Normally, his sleep is dreamy but the last three weeks he's been intensely teething and it shows, He wakes multiple times a night right now. Mommy looks forward to his teeth coming in so some solid sleep will exist once again. Though, I can't think of a more cute and wonderful little reason to be awake in the middle of the night.

He truly is one life's many many joys. Especially right now when mommy's heart is heavy and life is hard. He's a breath of fresh air and I praise God that I'm his mommy.

Maggie is two years and 8 months old and loving life. Yes she's busy conquering cancer, more on that later, but you wouldn't know it if she hadn't lost her hair. Most days she is her normal self. Running around the house, messing up the play room in a few short seconds. She's becoming so independent, wanting to dress herself, wanting to take her diaper off and buckling herself into her seats. She is gaining more and more understanding of the world around her. She speaks in full sentences for the most part. We are working extra hard on obedience and sharing. It's a slow road but I'm determined to teach her and her brother of God's amazing grace and pray often to be able to convey this to her while guiding her in this life. It's such a delicate balance.

Her favorite activities continue to be puzzles. I gave her a 48 piece jigsaw this week and she did it all by herself and within 15 minutes. She's not just memorizing where the pieces go anymore she's looking at the picture on it and correctly matching it. It's amazing to watch. She knows her numbers and letters and I am going to try to start working on letter sounds (just for fun). I am compiling small crafts that I want to do with her. Lots of fun fall ones! Now that she is old enough to understand and comply.

Overall, her days are mostly normal, what's not normal is going to the clinic twice a week. This month getting weekly spinal taps and having to take medications three times a day. Some of which are a shot. It's been a hard month in these ways. I keep waiting for the day that this becomes normal for her but we're not there yet. All in all she's an amazing little trooper, and like her brother, I'm beyond blessed to be her momma. Will enclose some pictures.

"Mom, I'm a boy, no fashion shows."

Love his wide open smile.


Watching the rain come down.

Thanks Donna for the cute hats!

At another treatment, the aid gave her a bubble machine to keep her busy.

Here is the 48 piece jigsaw! Wow!

Hi Mom!

"Look momma, I can get into everything now, watch out!"


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