Eli 7 Months, Mag's 33 Months

Okay, wait for it. It's Eli's monthly update on his actual right day. He's 7 months today! When thinking about what I would say about him I've come with a few things. First thing I can think of is water. He loves it! He loves baths, he loves to splash and even when he can't be in water, because it's sisters turn he's standing up holding on to the tub, laughing and squealing!

He's got army crawling down now, his new thing this week is pushing himself up on all fours. He will be crawling soon, I have no doubt. He's very determined to be a part of everything and is trying to pull himself up already. Crazy kid! He follows his sister around all day simply because he loves her toys and wants to be included.

 We are still waiting for his teeth to come in and because of this he's having some rough nights and fussy days but I know it's just a small part of this first year and am choosing to enjoy every moment with him. I started introducing solid foods and so far he has the same response as Maggie did. He gags and then vomits his previous nursing so, I'm not stressing, I'm beating to his drum. I try solid's twice a week right now and if he decides he wants more I'll increase it. Otherwise, we'll just take it slow. He's such a ham and so full of smiles and laughs daily. I truly am just enjoying him. He's so much fun!

Oh our Magger Mag's. Love this girl so much! Though right now this is beyond challenging, I'm privileged to be this little girl's momma. I'm so grateful to God that we have her! We are immensely blessed that God is answering our prayers and so far she has had very little side effects from all the chemo she's been receiving. I do believe she has had some bouts of nausea but all in all we joke that she has a hallow leg because she is an eater and I'm grateful.

I recently introduced her to play doh and now she asks every day if we can do play doh. We are currently borrowing a DVD from my sister in law that is letter sounds and she loves it. I assume she'll have her letter sounds down in no time. She continues to be increasingly interested in being independent. Getting herself dressed, putting on her own shoes, washing her own hands and other things alike. I choose believe my children love each other, though it doesn't show yet. Maggie is increasingly irritated with how much brother wants to be near her and in her toys. We continue the struggle to teach sharing and gentleness with baby brother. It's a slow process.

Please has really caught a hold of her lately. She'll say please mommy open this. Please will you play puzzle with me. It's absolutely adorable. Her other candid moments are being in the car with her and she sings songs. I'm not sure there is much cuter in the world than listening to a 2 year old sing itsy bitsy spider or twinkle twinkle little star. She continues to enjoy movies and ipod time. Her favorite movies right now are Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Finally, princess movies! Mommy was ready for a little reprieve from Cars. Ha!

Okay, well it's getting late and Eli keeps me up half the night. That's all for now. It is an ongoing goal to take more pictures of these little loves and again I haven't done well so here are a few.


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