"you mean this doesn't go on my head?"

So I have been awful about updating about the kids. The last time I did was 3 months ago, oops. Life happens always but when your kid is in the hospital every couple weeks it takes it outta you and I'll be honest keeping up with this blog was last on my list.

Without further ado...Maggie is 3! Wow! From her appearance she looks much like a little girl and less like a toddler. Not sure if that is cancer/chemo related or just the transition from 2-3. My sweet baby has gone through more in the last 6 months than I ever would have believed or wanted. She continues to chug along. She's gotten taller, her little hands together on her tippy toes can reach very far onto my counters. She is very capable and always has been but now she knows just how capable she can be.

Her hair has begun to grow back and it's still red and her personality matches that fiery red hair. She's got sass already. Lord help me. She's avidly learning no and I don't want to. Power struggles have begun and I'm on a mission to find ways to gracefully deal with them.

Maggie loves many things. Her favorites are play doh, puzzles, coloring, Disney movies and helping mommy. She's taking more interest in choosing her own clothes and dressing her self. Maggie do it is heard often at our house. Her conversational skills have continued to explode. Her understanding of what she says is also increasing. I've learned especially when she knows she's done wrong her go to is to lie. Eek. She loves to sing songs and can be heard singing the lyrics to any given song that she knows at any time.

If she doesn't feel poorly from chemo she is skipping her naps. Wonder if she plans to drop them soon. Oh well, she'll always have quiet time in her room as far as I'm concerned. When she was diagnosed we were told to hold off trying to potty train her and so we have. However; I am definitely encouraging it. I'm ready for her to be potty trained. So now we wait to see when she shows interest. She has all of her letter sounds down pat and we started to work on making words. I plan to also start practicing numbers with her shortly.

Her favorite topic of conversation is asking what happened to our Christmas tree, she misses it and it's pretty lights, and also her Princess Sofia cake from her 3rd birthday. She loved "blowing" out her candles and getting presents.

I'm happy to report that so far leukemia, multiple hospital visits and chemotherapy have not delayed her in any way that I know of. She continues to learn and thrive and I'm so grateful. Love our little girl so much. Hope my next update about her is in two weeks and not two months. Goodnight all.

Just being cute

Mom I'm eating, really, a picture

She really wanted Eli to "ride" her then changed her mind.

Hiding in her tower

Yummy Christmas cookie

Decorating the tree with Daddy

We play play doh most every day

This picture is now famous thank you CNN, CBS and 3TV


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