Big Day

In the morning we take Maggie into the clinic for counts.

If you follow her caring bridge then you know we just got out of an 8 day hospital stay. We were finally able to leave once her ANC recovered.

When we left the hospital a week ago tomorrow her ANC was 319. Tomorrow it needs to be 750 with platelets of 75 in order to start maintenance.

If she meets counts tomorrow, we start the next and final phase of treatment. It's also the phase of treatment that gives our family some freedom. Especially the kids and I. Daddy still gets to get out of the house and work every day. I'm not trying to have my hopes too high but if she meets counts my little family and I could be going to church as a family for the first time in 9 months.

I can take my kids grocery shopping. I can take them to reading time at the library. I can take them to the splash pad to cool off. I'm anxiously awaiting the days we can get out and live a little. But for now we wait. Good night all.


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