Hey sweet boy!


Guess what? Eli is still 12 months old for 1 hr and 20 min. I'm going to get this post done before then. :)

Our boy is 1! This year had gone by so fast and so has he. He's been flying through milestones since 4 months old. He sat up at 4 months, army crawled at 5 months, crawled at 7 months pulled himself up at 8 months, walked at 10 months and is now running and climbing at 12 months. Slow down my sweet boy. I think his answer would be fat chance momma! Ha! He's extremely active. He keeps me on my toes, I thought Maggie kept me on my toes but he really really does. His ability to get places so quickly and to fall and hurt himself amaze me.

He's all boy. He loves to rough house. He loves outside. He loves water both the kiddie pool outside and bath time. He loves trucks and cars. He recently discovered ants and thinks they are pretty cool to watch. He likes to "help" me garden by tasting the soil and the leaves from my plants.

Very intrigued by the bees at the butterfly wonderland

He's the polar opposite of Maggie in the food department. I can't find a food he won't eat. He eats everything. His favorites are green beans, broccoli, and pretty much any fruit. I have started the tedious process of partially weaning with him with hopes (Lord willing) of baby # 3 in the coming months. But he's still only a year and I'm respecting that and if he needs to nurse he gets to. We are still breastfeeding and I'm glad. I love nursing and having that bond with my baby's. Honestly, I thought once I introduced cows milk, he'd be gone. He could eat on the go and I figured he wouldn't want me anymore. Well I'm wrong, he definitely still wants and needs to nurse.
He LOVES to swing

He loves his big sister and antagonizes her every chance he gets. I don't believe it's intentional at this point but I'm sure someday it will be. Now that he's walking he doesn't take Maggie's beatings lying down as much. He pushes her back and then steals her toy and runs. The sibling rivalry is cute on one level and exhausting on the other.

He loves to give kisses and hugs. He loves his papa (my dad). He's learning things so much earlier than Maggie and I suppose it's because he watches her and emulates her. It's amazing. He's been saying dada and daddy for a while but yesterday he said uh oh. It's pretty cute! He recently started waving bye bye as well, but only when he feels like it.

He was born smaller and remains that way. He was 20 lbs at his year appointment. Although, he had just recently recovered from a stomach bug so that didn't help matters much. He's got a temper and we've begun to see what I'm sure the future holds with tantrums.  This year has been unimaginably difficult and he's a ray of sunshine. He holds my heart and I'm so privileged to be his momma. Love you sweet boy!

Dancing with Sissy

Looking cute on Christmas morning

Playing at Chik fil a


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