Real Food Reboot

Hey All,

I've been M.I.A. in more ways than one. Life is incredibly different and very hard these days. I'm reaching out to resources and reading some books to help but truth be told I'm reeling since the loss of my mom and so are my kids.

I'm showing many signs of being depressed and have started taking fish oil in hopes that it can help. I will be starting another supplement but that is a story for another post someday. I went back in forth in my mind about writing about this but decided that this time of life is a part of my story and if me being open and honest (when I can be) about this awful time of life and maybe someone stumbles on my blog in a similar situation they can know at the very least that they are not alone with their struggles and that is worth it to me.

I may share more in depth about that in another post but at this time I just want to talk about food.
I've read recently that sugar and processed foods can contribute to depression. Prior to my mom's passing I was committed to getting rid of refined sugar and to eating as real of a food diet as I could afford. I still want to pursue this. I've failed miserably for a while now. My mom has been gone for a month and 5 days. For two weeks after she passed I was given dinners which was AMAZING! Not having to think about dinner was awesome and a huge burden off my back. It also was a lot of processed food and refined sugar.

I believe I've shared before that me and sweets are close especially as a coping mechanism and Lord knows I've needed to be able to cope through any means possible the past couple of years. While I won't commit to never eating refined sugar I do intend to try to go back to unrefined sugar options. My body desires that now. There is a satisfaction in real food sugar that refined sugar does not have.

I really didn't meal plan this month. I mostly went be the seat of my pants this month. This was not cost effective and was really stressful not knowing dinner until a couple hours before. I preserved my kefir in the fridge the last three weeks. I'm ready to take them out. I'm ready to restart my sourdough starter. I'm ready to eat real food again and enjoy cooking and preparing food traditionally knowing I'm doing the best I can for my little family. My hope and goal is to meal plan this weekend and then shop next week for real food meals.

I do not know if I will be able to start a blog schedule again though I would like to. So stay tuned and see what I'm able to do and get done. I believe that having goals will bring more stability and return to normal than what I did this past month. Goodnight.


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