Fun On Fathers Day

So, I don't know if all young women feel this way, but, I figure my mom has done all the family dinners from as far back as I can remember and now that I'm married with cooking skills of my own I though it was time I started pulling more of the cooking weight than my mom, which she loves by the way. So this Fathers Day, I made the bulk of the meal. I love making things from scratch, which every one says once I have a few babies I will totally lose, so I better enjoy it while I can right? That being said, I made some from scratch dinner rolls. They tasted so good, they were just multiple different sizes which was kind of different, not one complaint, so next time I'll work on making them all one size. I forgot to take after pics but these are the before...

Alright, following the rolls, I made no-bake cheese cake, which I don't know if everyone else likes no bake better than original but I do for sure, it's a much lighter texture. Anywho, here is the large no-bake cheesecake.

Homemade Graham cracker crust first:
Then the whipped up topping, yum :)

After the topping is applied, it's into the fridge overnight, so easy and so yummy!

Finally, the roast, this was like the fancy meal growing up in my family, also one of my dad's faves and since it's fathers day it only seemed appropriate he would get his favorite right? Last thing before bed this Saturday evening was to put the roast in the crock pot and and let it roast for 8+ hours, my house smells so yummy right now. Fresh rolls and cooking roast, glad Father's Day is tomorrow.

Baking all this food has me thinking about making my hubby a daddy, not like I don't think about it all the time anyway, but still, someone recently asked him if he would be a father next father's day and he said "maybe, you never know" with a smile on his face, gave me butterflies, boy do I hope so!! Until next time blog, c ya ;-)


thejacksgraze said…
yum yum. I don't know why I was not getting notified when you were posting but now I hope I have it set up correctly so I am (= I had to catch up! I think I will be seeing you on Friday!!

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