Overwhelming Week and Productive Saturday

Well, if you didn't know who I was before you probably do by now. This week began with a phone call Sunday night that would quarantine my kids for the next 2.5 weeks. My kids were exposed to measles at the PCH clinic last week. Which means in order to protect the rest of the world we will be keeping the kids contained until February 11th.

I want to go on record to say for my interview with CNN I wish I had said things a little differently. I don't want to ever say things as harshly as I did on CNN. I do wish that the people who exposed my kids would have used better judgment and stayed home until after recently visiting measles capital of the world but they didn't and I didn't think to temper my words.

So here goes...the truth...I've never let myself explore my honest opinion about vaccines. My husband is a pediatrician and I pick my battles in my marriage and that is one I wasn't willing to explore. I feared researching and not liking what I found then having unnecessary strife. I've never been over opinionated about parents not vaccinating. It's your right as an American parent to choose what you want for your kids. I truly did feel that way. Then my daughter who is battling leukemia and my son who can't be vaccinated yet got exposed to measles and my heart was flooded with fear.

I'm scared. Measles a full blown case of measles could hurt my Maggie or possibly kill her. Now prayer is powerful and I don't believe that will happen. So far so good, we are 10 days into our quarantine and the kids are fine so far. However; this whole situation has caused a lot conflict in my heart about how I feel and what I believe and though I don't know how I feel. I will figure it out this time. I'm going to do research and make an informed decision about vaccines. I reserve the right to change my mind if and when new information becomes available but at least I'm going to have some confidence in my decision. Please forgive me if I offended anyone with my CNN interview. Not my intention at all. Goodnight all.


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