Blog Thoughts

So, I have this desire to have a blog schedule and while I can do some of the days I set out to do most of them I am unable to do right now.

We are moving in 10 days. I am a part time caregiver for my mom. I have a VERY fussy baby and a 4 year old and a 2 year old. I so desire to maintain the schedule but because of my life circumstances I am unable to. I need to be able (in my mind) to blog about things that are more in my daily life instead of something I have to plan and do. Such as read some book then share or put a craft together for the kids and share. I'm busy packing. So for the foreseeable future you may only see blog posts about packing, real food, my sugar journey, my kids and other aspects of my life. So if you have stuck around. Thanks. We'll see what comes around in the coming days. Goodnight.


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