Crafty Friday

Photo courtesy of This website has a tutorial for making a collared shirt for a little boy. My desire to is give my Lightning McQueen loving little 2 year old a collared church shirt that is of this favorite toy. This is the tutorial I plan to use.

I may not be able to work on it until after we move but it is a desire of mine and I will share it on the blog when I begin working on it.

If you find these posts boring, feel free to skip it. I think creative Wednesday and Crafty Friday will be future coming plans. Mostly because with moving a baby that continues to be fussy I just haven't gotten back into a groove with my crafts. It is my escape and I will return I just can't quite yet. So I hope you stay tuned for when I will be able to do more with these two days. I'm excited about blogging about this and hope to share about it soon.


That will be so cute and I'm sure your little guy will love it!

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