Working on my Marriage Monday

It's marriage Monday!

I continue reading the Introvert advantage. I have a fussy baby and two other kids that need me so I've only read three chapters since last week but I'm calling that progress.

I'm reading this book as an E-book because I needed to get reading it faster than Amazon could get it to us. The above highlights are things that this book has taught me so far. The first one says introverts don't talk for talks sake. When they speak it's important. This was a realization for me because after reading this I'm making a conscious decision to listen when hubby talks because it's important. He doesn't just talk to talk like I do. I was surprised to learn meaty conversation nourishes and energizes an introvert. I will try to implement this in my communication with my hubby. The last thing that stuck out to me was that when external stimulation becomes too much they just shut down. This is helpful for all the times I feel neglected or that hubby doesn't care, it's not that at all, he's just had too much. Granted he has his part and he can't excuse all shortcomings with being an introvert and I'm not suggesting he does, I'm just saying ways that this book has helped me. Our counseling appointment is August 27th so 12 days to finish 7 more chapters, I think I can do it. That's enough for now.


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